‘Marvel's Spider-Man’ Fans Want His Punisher Costume In the Game

There’s no question that the skins that you can unlock for your hero in Marvel’s Spider-Man are beyond impressive, especially that one which resembles the cartoon. But there are some fantasy costumes that we’d love to see down the road -- including one a few fans over at Reddit have been asking about.

A Redditor by the name of GarballatheHutt has suggested the Punisher costume that Spider-Man wore in a “What If?” issue of The Punisher #1, which you can see below. In it, Spidey appears to be using some sort of wrist-based guns, like web shooters -- but with bullets -- and wearing a cool black and white outfit with traditional Spidey design, but a big Punisher logo on his chest and some tears in his costume. You can catch a glimpse of it below.


And it would be pretty cool to see, considering that we’ve gotten a bunch of great costumes to play with already. But the question is, could Insomniac do it? Sure, they have the full support of Marvel Games, but The Punisher may require separate licensing, especially if, say, Netflix has the rights, with the series being on the streaming service and all.

With GabriellatheHutt’s suggestion, fans have already sounded off on the idea of seeing it in-game, with one even saying, “They can include it in a Punisher DLC,” but others have made other suggestions. One has even gone as far as to throw out, “Assassin Spidey,” while others have talked about “Web guns finally! Would also be cool if instead of webs he shot SPIDERS.” (Honestly, though, we’re not quite sure how that would work -- how do you cram spiders into shooters?!)


We’ll see what Insomniac has planned in the weeks ahead, as it’s planning to release the first downloadable content for the game later this month, followed by a New Game + mode somewhere down the road. Maybe in between the two, we’ll see some potential new costumes introduced. We doubt we’ll see Punisher-like web guns attached to him, but maybe we could get this as an alternate skin so the bad guys know that they’re being...punished?

All the same, Spider-Man shouldn’t be missed. You can check it out now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.