Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Cyndaquil for Community Day

Pokemon Go players have another Shiny Pokemon to pursue.

As is now tradition, Pokemon Go developers added the Shiny version of Cyndaquil for today's Community Day event.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with alternate colors and are usually quite rare. A Shiny Cyndaquil has brown tinted fur when compared to its non-Shiny counterpart.

Cyndaquil is the focus of this month's Community Day event, a three hour period in which a certain Pokemon species appears at an increased rate. The Fire-type Starter Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver, Cyndaquil eventually evolves into Thyphlosion, a weasel-like Fire-type Pokemon with the ability to shoot powerful flames from its back.

The best way to catch a Shiny Cyndaquil is to find an area with lots of Poke Stops and other players. The Poke Stops can be lured to increase spawn rates even more, so players should be able to grab at least one Shiny Cyndaquil before today's event is over.

In addition to finding tons of Cyndaquil, any Thyplosion evolved during the event will know the Fire-type charge move Blast Burn, which is one of the more useful Fire-type moves in the game. It's a Community Day exclusive move, so today is the only chance players have of obtaining a Blast Burn Thyplosion to their collections.


Players will also get a whopping quadruple Stardust Bonus for catching or hatching Pokemon during Community Day. While Community Day technically only has a double Stardust bonus, it stacks with the ongoing Stardust Burst event bonus, which also gives out another double bonus. When stacked with a Star Piece, players can actually collect six times the amount of Stardust they usually have!

Community Day is already over in the Asia-Pacific region and is underway (as of the time of this article) in Europe/Africa. Players in North and South America can experience Community Day from 2 PM to 5 PM ET.