'Dead by Daylight' Is Getting a Better Matchmaking System

Dead by Daylight is getting a new matchmaking system that its developer said will provide players with a better experience.

Behaviour Interactive told Dead by Daylight players about the new matchmaking system on the game’s forums and explained how it’ll work and how it differs from the current system in place. The developer said the current system starts looking for games for players by first checking within the players’ ranks and locations before expanding the search until a lobby is found.

This system works for some players, but it isn’t without faults, Behaviour said. Some players might find games quickly through the system, but others will have to wait longer because as their search expands, the players they try to match with find lobbies that better suit their needs, thus resulting in players experiencing long wait times.

Behaviour’s answer for this problem is to put players into two different queues, a solution that it says will help find the best possible match by checking for matches every so often.

“The new system puts a player looking for a match in one of two queues: a queue for killers and a queue for survivors,” Behaviour said. “Then at a fixed time interval (for example, every thirty seconds), it takes a bucket of players from both queues and matches them together, creating multiple lobbies, and trying to find the best possible match for a player with every other player within the bucket (again, according to rank and geolocation).”

Both Survivor and Killer mains should notice a difference in how they join lobbies when the matchmaking system is updated. For Killers, all the Survivors will appear in the lobby almost simultaneously as opposed to players trickling into the lobby until all four spots are filled. Similarly, Survivors will wait in an offline lobby, Behaviour said, until they’re matched. When that happens, all four Survivors will be dropped into the lobby at the same time.


Behaviour does warn though that the improved matchmaking system “will not necessarily be a miracle solution reducing the overall matchmaking waiting time.” It’ll improve edge cases, the developer said, but the nature of Dead by Daylight being an asymmetrical multiplayer game means there’s always the chance of imbalanced wait times if more people are choosing to play as Killers or Survivors during any given time.

The developer is currently looking to test the improved matchmaking system in Chapter X on the test servers before releasing it for everyone in January 2019.