87-Year-Old Grandma Has Put 3,580 Hours Into 'Animal Crossing'

animal crossing
(Photo: Nintendo)

There's a ton of people who love Animal Crossing. Then there's quite a few people who really love Animal Crossing. Amongst these people, there are some people who really, really love Animal Crossing. It's a series' with a very hardcore following, you might say. But nobody is in the league as one 87-year-old granny.

Apparently, someone's grandma has played Animal Crossing: New Leaf everyday for four years. Without fail. That is, until said grandma's Nintendo 3DS broke. Luckily, it was replaced this Christmas. In the process of replacing it, her grandson decided to check out her activity log during a system transfer, and that's when it was discovered she had put 3,580 hours into the game. Aka 149 days. That's like 2-3 hours everyday. That's commitment. That's love.

Of course, this crazy revelation prompted inquiries whether or not Audrey (the grandma) would play the new Animal Crossing game on Switch when it releases sometime this year. Hubans revealed that she didn't have a Switch, and soon after set up a GoFundMe page to remedy this.

At the moment of publishing, the fundraiser has surpassed its goal, and currently sits at $430, which means the pressure is on Nintendo to deliver the game this year, and for it to be as good and addicting as New Leaf.


Animal Crossing will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. There's been no word of when exactly, or what exactly the game will be called. All we know is that Audrey will most likely be enjoying it on her new Nintendo Switch system when it does.

Anyway, let us know in the comments section below what your longest play time with a game is. I recently put in over 2,000 hours into Europa Universalis IV, which felt like an eternity, but apparently those are rookie numbers.