New 'League of Legends' Lore Images Tease Chain Champion

New League of Legends images have been revealed that further hint at the new chain champion Riot Games has been teasing.

First teased back in August in a Champion Roadmap that laid out plans for upcoming champion reveals and reworks, an image of massive, golden chains leading up to a two-legged silhouette was all League of Legends players had to go off of regarding the new champion. In a lore update for the Demacia region’s Universe page, those same chains were seen again, this time restraining different characters from the region.

League of Legends Chain Champion
(Photo: Riot Games)

Galio, Lux, and Garen were all shown in different images with each of them being imprisoned by the chains in some way, Galio’s appearing to take hold of him when he’s in the middle of his ultimate. Another image shown below showed Jarvan IV’s weapon on the ground with a figure sitting on a throne-like seat behind it, Jarvan IV’s crown seemingly in-hand, though the silhouette appears to belong to someone other than the Demacian leader.

The teasers only lend slightly more information to the subject of the chain champion, but they do indicate that the character will use these chains as their weapon, a detail which was less certain when the first teaser was revealed. Crowd control is also a near certainty regarding what the champion will be able to do if the theme of the chains imprisoning champions is any indication of the character’s actual abilities.

League of Legends Chain Champion2
(Photo: Riot Games)

This new champion’s chains look more like the character’s weapon as opposed to something that’s imprisoning them, though the tool could very well fulfill both purposes. Back when the champion was first teased, Riot Games referred to the character as being “locked away, with no release date in sight.” This wording as well as the character’s attacks on Demacia’s most recognizable characters seems to frame it as a villain of the anti-magic region that’d been locked away.

No name or indication of what the champion’s abilities are like have been shared yet, but more information is expected to come from Riot Games ahead of the champion’s release. Riot Games also has reworks for two League of Legends champions, Morgana and Kayle, that’s currently being worked on.