Dr Disrespect Gets Absolutely Roasted By Random 'Fortnite' Kid


Streamer Dr Disrespect is normally the one doing the roasting. It's kind of what he's known for, hence the "Disrespect" part of his name. That said, recently, it was the Two-Time who got roasted in pretty brutal fashion. And not only did the streamer get roasted, but he got roasted by a young, random Fortnite player during TimTheTatman's stream.

Yesterday, TimTheTatman was streaming himself playing random duos in Fortnite. During this session, he got paired up with a younger fan of his, who of course, was over the moon to be playing with one of his favorite streamers. And at one point during the match, TimTheTatman brings up Dr. Disrespect, asking his duo partner if he knows who Dr Disrespect is. Of course the kid knew the Two-Time, which prompted TimTheTatman's attempt to get the kid to admit the Doc is trash at games. The kid seemed taken back by the question, and admitted he didn't know him that much, but that he has seen his one video.

“I’ve seen like the most viewed Twitch things where it's like ‘Doc cheats on wife." “That was hilarious. That was funny.”

Of course, it was TimTheTatman's turn to be slightly lost for words, but you could see the shock and smile on his face before apologizing to the Doc in light-hearted fashion.

As you can see from the Twitch clip, it was an unintentional roast, but one the chat obviously got a good laugh at. For those that don't know: the video the kid is referring to is the one where the streamer, out of character, confessed his unfaithfulness to his audience. Of course, there's nothing funny about the clip, but you know how kids are these days: straight savages. Especially kids who play Fortnite.

Anyway, as always, feel free to sound off in the comments with what you think. Is this kid the next Dr Disrespect?

Thanks, Dexerto.



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