'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4' Possibly Revealed During Preview Event

Several athletes were granted access to the new Call of Duty game recently and got to play Activision’s next big franchise release ahead of its official reveal. Everyone knowns a new Call of Duty game is coming, but the name of the name and which of Call of Duty’s storylines it’ll align with hasn’t been revealed. Rumors in the past have suggested it’ll be Modern Warfare 4 though, and more evidence from the preview event is surfacing to back that up.

Images like the one below were shared on Twitter and Instagram recently as many NFL Draft prospects attended Activision’s preview event. You’ll notice that any images you see like the one below were careful to obscure any reference to a specific title and only showed the Call of Duty logo.

Riley Ridley and Jacques Patrick were two of the players who attended the event and were featured in a video shared on Instagram that showed them at the event. CharlieINTEL captured the video and shared it on Twitter, and on its surface, it doesn’t reveal a lot. But some Call of Duty fans have slowed down the video and swear they can pick out certain phrases including “Killstreaks” and “Modern Warfare 4.

“Killstreaks” is a bit easier to hear and will be welcome news to those players from days of old who preferred the special in-game abilities and rewards to be distributed based on kills, though it could just be that the players are referring to the killstreaks generically as many still do. “Modern Warfare 4” is much more difficult to hear, but some people say that it’s there.

Eurogamer also seems like it knows something about the new game. The site covered the same story with some pretty deliberate formatting.

Activision has not yet announced what the new Call of Duty game will be, but it’ll likely be unveiled before too long if previews like this are happening.



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