'Pokemon Go' June Community Day Move Leaked

The exclusive move for Pokemon Go's June's Community Day event has leaked, thanks to a quickly deleted Taiwanese tweet. Earlier today, the Taiwanese Pokemon Go Twitter account revealed that Slaking will learn the move Body Slam when evolved during next month's Community Day. The tweet was quickly deleted overnight. Slakoth, the pre-evolved form of Slaking, will be June's featured Pokemon during Community Day. Body Slam is a charge move, which means that Slaking still won't have access to a Fast Move even after the Community Day event.

Fans are a bit disappointed as Slaking, one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, was deliberately hamstrung by having only one fast move - Yawn, which does 0 damage. Slaking's Yawn attack is a reference to its Truant ability in the main series games, which forces it to skip a turn in between moves. Because it doesn't have a real fast move, Slaking can't really be used in Pokemon Go as anything other than an HP sponge in gyms. Fans had hoped that June's Community Day would give it a fast move, thus giving it some meta-relevancy in gym battles and raids.


Despite confirmation that Slaking won't get a more powerful move, the Community Day should still be a fun event. Players will get 1/4 egg hatch distances, longer lures, and the opportunity to catch a Shiny version of Slakoth. And while players won't be rushing around trying to catch as many Slakoth as they can to build up an army of unstoppable Slaking, a more laid back Community Day somehow feels appropriate for Slakoth, the "Slacker" Pokemon.

Pokemon Go's next Community Day will take place on June 8th from 3 PM to 6 PM local time.

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