Fortnite-Themed Xbox One S Leaks

Microsoft appears to be gearing up to release a new special edition of an Xbox One S, according to some leaked images which revealed the product. It’s a Fortnite-themed Xbox One S with a bold purple look that covers the entire console along with a matching controller that has a shine to it. If the details that accompany the leaked images are accurate, there will be some V-Bucks and a new Fortnite skin bundled in with the console and controller as well.

German site WinFuture first reported on the news of the upcoming Xbox One S console and shared the image below of the console and controller next to one another. The product image also shows the console’s packaging and the new skin that’ll come with it. According to WinFuture, the console’s Fortnite-style design is known as “Gradient Purple,” and the skin that comes with it is called “Dark Vertex.” It’ll also come with 2,000 V-Bucks to let players buy some more cosmetics in-game and a month of Xbox Live, EA Access, and Xbox Game Pass, the site claims.

Xbox One S Fortnite
(Photo: WinFuture)

There’s no known release date for the console since Microsoft hasn’t officially unveiled it yet, but WinFuture said the 1 TB device will be launched “within he next few days and weeks.” In Europe, it’ll be available for €299.90 while it’ll be sold for around $299 in the U.S., according to the details leaked so far.


Microsoft has released more than a few themed Xbox Ones in the past, not to mention the numerous bundles that have at times involved Fortnite, so it’s not too surprising to imagine that a Fortnite-themed console would be released. Even if you’re not into Fortnite, the all purple look for the device is still an interesting one that’ll be a unique purchase for collectors. It is interesting though that the console wouldn’t be one of Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital consoles. As the name suggests, these consoles don’t have disc drives and can only play games digitally, which is a very Fortnite-style way of playing games.

With the new images of the console now out there thanks to these leaks, expect Microsoft to unveil the new device sooner rather than later. It’s still unclear when it’ll go on sale, but look for it to be available to pre-order as soon as it’s revealed.