League of Legends' PROJECT Teaser Reveals New Skins

Following up on its first PROJECT teaser from Saturday, Riot Games released another preview of this year’s content from the alternate League of Legends universe. This latest cinematic teaser confirms suspicions about two PROJECT skins which were leaked prior – one for Jinx and one for Pyke – and it also confirms that there will be at least two more skins. These other cosmetics look to be for Irelia and Akali.

The video above below was shared from League’s social media accounts on Sunday. It showed a desolate battleground littered with remnants of other PROJECT constructs, one of which still had some fight in it. That was before an energy weapon flew in from off-screen to skewer the PROJECT entity through it’s head and bring the body back to what’s definitely Pyke, the latest champion to join the PROJECT series.

“A band of cybernetic castoffs plans to infiltrate The City to destroy the entity that created—and then abandoned—them: the PROJECT Corporation,” a description shared on Twitter and YouTube reads.

From the perspective of the decapitated PROJECT bot’s head, we see who’s joining Pyke on his mission as the four wage war against the PROJECT Corporation. Jinx appears to be to his left with a rocket launcher slung over her shoulder along with another gun in her right hand. To Pyke’s right is what appears to be PROJECT Akali who’s armed with her dual blades in each hand and can be recognized even better by her signature hairstyle. In the background to the right stands Irelia with her energy blades fanning out around her. You can get a better look at all of them at the end of the video as they look towards what we’d assume is the PROJECT Corporation tower the description references.


Based on even more teasers from Riot Games released after this trailer, it looks like the PROJECT content doesn’t end with these four skins. There’s a fifth cosmetic that’s teased somewhere in the cinematic, so expect to see lots of speculations and theories until people figure it out. Based on the tags the video apparently uses, however, the hunt might be over as soon as it began.

Expect Riot to fully reveal all of these skins and other PROJECT content in the future as we learn more about this event and all the cosmetics that it includes.