Pokemon Go to Add Mythical Pokemon Jirachi and 'Gen 5' Pokemon

Pokemon Go will be expanding its Pokedex even more next month with the addition of Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White. Last week, Pokemon Go announced that players had unlocked a mystery "Ultra Bonus" for completing all three of this summer's Global Challenges. Today, Pokemon Go announced tons of upcoming events and perks for trainers, including the addition of Pokemon from the Unova region, a new Mythical Pokemon, and even Shiny versions of several Pokemon, including Mewtwo. The Ultra Bonus will be split into three parts, which begins on September 2nd. As an extra bonus, Jirachi is also now available to capture as part of a new Special Research quest.

The first week's events, Johto Journey, will focus on Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver, including Unown, the Psychic-type Pokemon with over 25 different forms, one for each letter of the alphabet and various punctuation points. Players have a chance of hatching the "U" "L" "T" "R" and "A" forms of Unown from 10 KM eggs, and they can also battle Raikou, Entei, and Suicune in raids. Pokemon Go will also add Shiny versions of Sentret, Gilgar, and their respective evolutions to the game.

The second part of the Ultra Bonus, Global Challenges, Global Hatches, begins on September 9th and will give players a chance to hatch Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros from 7 KM eggs. Shiny versions of all four regional Pokemon will also be added for this portion of the event. Finally, all forms of Deoxys will appear in normal Raids for the first time, along with Pokemon that can be used to battle Deoxys.


Finally, "Gen 5" Pokemon will come to Pokemon Go on September 16th as part of the Unova Unveiling event. In addition to Pokemon like Patrat, Lillipup, and Klink coming to Pokemon Go, players will also have the opportunity to battle and capture Mewtwo in raids. Not only will Mewtwo know the move Psystrike, it will also have its Shiny form added. Both Patrat and Lillipup will also have their Shiny versions included in the game.

Players can start on the Jirachi Special Research quest immediately. The other Ultra Bonus boosts go into effect beginning on September 2nd.

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