League of Legends Players Have a Chance to Win Every Ultimate Skin

League of Legends players who’ve been paying attention to this year’s competitive season and think they know which team will win it all at the World Championship have a shot at earning an impressive prize. If you can perfectly predict how the standings of each stage in the tournament will play out including the Finals in November, you’ll earn every Ultimate skin in the game. The prize is part of the Worlds Pick’em event which has made a return this year and is now open to players who want to fill out their brackets.

Worlds Pick’em, for those who didn’t participate last year or are new to League’s competitive scene, is a way for players and viewers to win rewards by accurately choosing the victors of different matchups throughout the World Championship. Riot Games announced the return of Worlds Pick’em previously and said today that the event is now underway. If you’ve done your research and think you know who’ll be winning the most this year, you can fill out your brackets by visiting the Worlds Pick ‘Em site.

To start, simply sign into your League account. You’ll then be met with a screen where you’ll see the four different groups teams have been assigned to. Move around the teams until you’re happy with your prediction about where they’ll end up at the end of the Groups Stage and then wait until the matches actually happen to see if you were right. Worlds Pick’em choices for the Group Stage won’t be locked in for a few more days, so you’ve still got time to change them if you have second thoughts before the matches begin.


Those who simply fill out their choices for the Group Stage and later for the Knockout Stage can earn a total of 1,000 Blue Essence, according to the “How to Play” instructions that detailed the rewards. If you earn at least 34 points during the World Championships, you’ll get a 2019 Worlds Master Pick’em Poro icon. The best pickers will get the Worlds 2019 Perfect Pick Cache which includes all of the Ultimate skins. That prize includes DJ Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal, Elementalist Lux, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. It won’t be an easy prize to win though with Riot Games saying that nobody out of 3 million participants last year won the Ultimate skins.

League’s Pick’em event is now open for players to choose their standings before the Group Stage picks lock in a few days.