Return to Dark Tower Kickstarter Passes $2 Million in Two Days

The Kickstarter for Return to Dark Tower has surpassed the $2 million mark in two days. Earlier this week, Restoration Games launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund production of Return of Dark Tower, a remake of the popular 1981 cult classic board game Dark Tower. In only two days, the Kickstarter surpassed the $2,000,000 mark, well exceeding its initial $850,000 goal with 18 days left on its campaign. Designed by Gloomhaven creator Isaac Childres and Betrayal Legacy creator (and Restoration Games Chief Restoration Officer) Rob Daviau, Return to Dark Tower updates the classic board game with a new electronic Dark Tower that also syncs up to an app to provide a reactive gameplay experience.

Dark Tower is a "holy grail" board game of sorts due to its relative rarity. Although the game was popular during its release (which coincided an upswell in popularity for fantasy RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons), functioning copies of the game are now rare. For one, the original game's dark tower tended to break down after extended use, and Milton Bradley only released one printing of the game due to a plagiarism lawsuit. Luckily, Restoration Games eventually got their hands on the rights to Dark Tower so a whole new generation of gamer can enjoy this unique board game.


Return to Dark Tower is the first huge tabletop Kickstarter of the year, although it still has a long ways to go to break any kind of record. Kingdom Death: Monster currently holds the record for biggest tabletop Kickstarter, having raised over $12 million back in 2016.

You can check out the Kickstarter to Return to Dark Tower through February 4th. A $125 pledge will get backers a copy of the core game, while a $225 game includes planned expansions.

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