Marvel's Spider-Man Player Reveals Incredible Mortal Kombat Inspired Alternate Suit

Marvel's Spider-Man may have released well over a year ago, but there's a ton of PS4 players still playing it religiously, and who can blame them: it's one of 2018's best games and arguably the greatest Spider-Man game ever. And one of the things that's kept the attention of many is the game's photo mode, which is not only robust in its offering, but is perfect to capture and worship the game's incredibly detailed suit designs. That said, you can only look at the same few dozen suits so many times before things get a little boring, which is why many players have taken it upon themselves to create their own. Some do this from scratch with completely original designs, others take pre-existing suits and combine them. Nobody does it better than Mosheeno though, an artist who has been creating different suits for the game since launch.

The latest from the artist combines the Electrically Insulated Spidey suit with Sub-Zero's suit in Mortal Kombat 3. The result is a ninja-themed suit they call the Spider Ninja MK3. And yes it looks as great as it sounds.

As you can see, the final product looks a bit like a homage to Scorpion. Whether this is by design or not is unclear, but the suit isn't the only suit Mosheeno has recently created. They also recently created a morphed suit that combines the Scarlett Spider 2, the Secret War, and the Velocity suits all into one. And yes, it also looks terrific.


Of course, if you're into these designs, be sure to give Mosheeno a follow on Instagram, where they regularly share their latest creations. Meanwhile, below you can read more about why I think Marvel's Spider-Man 2 needs a suit creator:

"Don't get me wrong, there's nothing that's going to top rocking the Raimi suit or any of the other classic suits Insomniac chooses to add, but at the same time, I never completely fell in love with any of the options. One of the great things Insomniac Games does is really make you feel like you're Spider-Man while you swing around Manhattan and in-between New York skyscrapers. So, why not let me create my own suit like Spider-Man can and often does? That's not to say there shouldn't be pre-made suits in the game. Those should certainly be in there as well, but wouldn't it be neat to also have the option to create your own, from the finer design touches to its colors?"

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