Amazon's Prime Gaming Adds Exclusive Roblox Content

Amazon's Prime Gaming has announced that subscribers will now be eligible to receive free content [...]

Amazon's Prime Gaming has announced that subscribers will now be eligible to receive free content for Roblox, starting today. The first item is the Banandolier, and subscribers can snag a code for the item which can then be redeemed in-game. True to its name, the Banandolier is a bandolier that is filled with bananas, as opposed to ammunition. The Banandolier will be followed by more exclusive items. According to Amazon, there will be free Roblox content released monthly through March 2021. These items will be exclusive to Prime Gaming subscribers. A link for the free item can be found in the Tweet below.

At this time, neither Amazon nor Roblox Corporation have announced what the next items will be. Still, fans of the game should be excited by the prospect of being able to receive exclusive in-game items!

For those that might be unfamiliar with the service, Prime Gaming is free to all Amazon Prime subscribers. The service was originally known as Twitch Prime, but saw a rebranding earlier in the week. Despite the name change, Prime Gaming still offers free games and in-game loot every month to subscribers. As of this writing, subscribers can receive an item bundle for Hyper Scape, monthly in-game loot for Grand Theft Auto Online, a Hotrod Slayer Skin for Doom Eternal, and more. Currently, subscribers can also get free games such as Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, NeuroVoider, and Samurai Shodown II.

Last but not least, Prime Gaming also offers Starter Packs for certain free-to-play games. Right now, subscribers can snag a Starter Pack for Tera, which is available through November 19th. Previous Starter Packs have been offered for games such as Warface. These starter packs can be downloaded to the PC or console versions of the games.

Roblox fans should be happy to see what content gets added to the service each month. Those looking to find out what else Prime Gaming currently has to offer can find everything currently available right here.

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