Among Us Developers Give Update on the Game's Current Priorities

InnerSloth, the developer on Among Us, has given a new update on its current priorities for the [...]

InnerSloth, the developer on Among Us, has given a new update on its current priorities for the game. The team was planning to develop a sequel, but after the game's explosion in popularity, decided instead to continue improving the current version of Among Us. Today, the game's official Twitter account gave an update on those plans. According to InnerSloth, the team is currently working on reporting and moderation, to make sure that the game remains enjoyable for all players. The team's second priority is adding support for a plethora of additional languages, which should allow more players around the world to enjoy Among Us!

The Tweets from InnerSloth listing its current priorities for the game can be found embedded below.

While Among Us released just over two years ago, it became an unexpected success over the last few months, after streamers on Twitch discovered the game. Since then, Among Us has become a bit of a pop culture hit. While the team's priorities might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, they will prove integral to Among Us' continued success. Maintaining the game's current momentum will prove to be a bit of a challenge, as players tend to move on quickly to the next big thing. As such, making sure that the game is enjoyable and accessible makes a lot of sense!

For those unfamiliar, Among Us is an online multiplayer game in which Crewmates try to accomplish certain tasks, while Imposters work to sabotage them. In order to succeed, the Crewmates must root out the Imposters, though it can sometimes prove difficult to tell who is friend and who is foe. This dynamic has lent itself well to the streaming format, as players work to deceive their opponents.

Among Us is currently available on iOS, Android, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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