Apex Legends Is Buffing the Mozambique in Season 2

The Mozambique has been good for memes and into much else in Apex Legends with the gun being a shell of its former self from the Titanfall series, but when Season 2 begins, you may find yourself actually seeking the weapon out. That’s because it’s getting buffed at some point during the next season, according to the developers who said as much during Electronic Arts’ EA Play event. It was said that player will actually find the gun to be a viable option unlike the current situation where most players just pass it by in search of something else.

If you’ve either picked up a Mozambique and fruitlessly unloaded on an enemy only to have them punch you back to the lobby at the start of the game, you’ll know why the Mozambique is in need of a buff. Sure, aiming down the sights will tighten the spread considerably and can lead to better results, but it’s been easier for players to just meme the gun. Respawn has done it themselves as well by commenting on the poor quality of the gun while leaving its options open for changes.

Those changes will happen in Season 2, according to Respawn. During EA Play, Respawn’s project lead Drew McCoy took the stage to talk about a new weapon which was showcased, the L-STAR. It couldn’t be more different from the Mozambique as an energy-based machinegun and a Gold-tier weapon, though after it was revealed to be pretty OP, McCoy spoke about the Mozambique and what some of the plans are.

Specifics weren’t given, but the project lead started by saying that there are plans to buff some of the weaker weapons. Two new hop-ups are also being added to give players more options with the existing weapons. Immediately after saying that McCoy said that there will be a chance that a certain weapon will be “usable” in Season 2.


Since McCoy had just finished talking about buffing weaker weapons and then moved on to the hop-ups, it’s not 100% clear whether we’ll be able to use one of these new mods with the Mozambique, though it certainly sounds that way. That’s been one of the most common suggestions from players is that there should be a hop-up that lets players dual wield smaller guns like the Mozambique and P2020.

The same EA Play stream also revealed that Wattson would be the next Legend added. All of this will happen during Season 2 which begins on July 2nd.