Apex Legends Is Finally Punishing Rage Quitters

Rage quitting isn't as much of an issue in Apex Legends as other competitive multiplayer games, but it's a problem. And it's a problem that Respawn has previously not dealt with adequately. At one point there was a slap on the wrists for rage quitting, but Respawn removed it pretty quickly. That said, it's back. Recently, Respawn added an in-game prompt that pops up when someone tries to rage quit out of a game early. Players who now decided to leave early will be warned of a future matchmacking delay.

Of course, Apex Legends players have been celebrating the news. In the game, there's a few reasons why players rage quit. The biggest is probably you didn't revive them quick enough or they don't want to wait to be respawned. Other times players rage quit right off the bat because you had the audacity to pick the character they want to play as. Meanwhile, if you decide it's not a good idea to jump hot into Skull Town after a teammate pings it, sometimes they will leave. There's quite a few reasons why players rage quit, but hopefully it won't be as common with this new tweak.

It's worth noting that if you are put into a match without a full team, which still happens more than it should, you'll receive no punishment for leaving.

How it works is that after three consecutive quitings, players will be banned from matchmaking for 5 minutes. Quit four times in a row, and you'll be banned for ten minutes. As you can see, it's a pretty lenient system that still allows players to rage quit quite often. In other words, hopefully Respawn makes further tweaks to it.


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