Apex Legends Developer Responds to Demands for Valkyrie Changes

Apex Legends Season 10 is just around the corner, and fans can expect to see a number of changes as a result. However, one change that fans should not expect to see is a change to Valkyrie. On Reddit, Respawn Entertainment lead game designer Daniel Klein addressed the Legend, stating that there are no plans to make any changes to Valkyrie at this time. While Klein acknowledged that the character has a high pick rate, Respawn believes that's due to her being a recent addition to the game (she was added with Season 9). For those that main Valkyrie, this should be welcome news!

"Looking at her stats right now, she's solidly in the middle of the pack (except her pick rate is high; which is fine, she's new and she's a mobility legend; those just get picked more)," Klein replied on Reddit. "I foresee no need for any changes in the near future."

Season 10 of Apex Legends is known as Emergence, and it will see the addition of an all-new Legend named Seer. True to his name, Seer will have a number of abilities that help him detect the presence of other players, making it difficult for them to hide. From what's been revealed By Respawn thus far, it definitely looks like this could make Seer a formidable new character in the game. Since Valkyrie will no longer be the newest Legend once Emergence hits, it will be interesting to see if her pick rate starts to drop off, as a result.

In addition to the new playable character, Apex Legends fans can expect to see changes to the World's Edge map, and an all-new weapon in the form of the Rampage LMG. Emergence is set to arrive on August 3rd, so players looking forward to all these changes don't have to wait too much longer!

Apex Legends is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.


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