Apex Legends Season 14 Reveal Shows Off Vantage Abilities, Gameplay

After revealing the new Apex Legends character arriving in Season 14 and teasing her abilities, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment fully revealed this week the full abilities details pertaining to Vantage. Her Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate abilities are Spotter's Lens, Echo Relocation, and Sniper's Mark in that order per EA's recent teases, and Apex Legends players now know exactly what those will do alongside more previews of Vantage gameplay to show how her kit works.

The abilities for Vantage were named in her bio page following this week's Season 14 reveals, though if you take stock in Apex Legends leaks, you probably already had an idea of what Vantage would be capable of anyway. Apex has notoriously been pretty leaky when it comes to things like Legends and their abilities, so it wasn't surprising to see leaks line up with the full reveal.

Regardless, we don't have to rely on leaks any longer as we now know what her abilities look like. You can find those outlined below along with some gameplay released recently to show Vantage in action.

Vantage Abilities

Passive – Spotter's Lens

  • Using her Spotter's Lens to read tactical information on enemy squads at a distance, Vantage always has the upper hand with critical intel like Legend name, Shield rarity, team size and range.

Tactical – Echo Relocation

  • Vantage's companion Echo is at the ready to help her reposition herself in a fight. Using her modified jetpack and targeting system, Vantage can launch herself towards Echo's position and take the high ground.

Ultimate – Sniper's Mark

  • There's nowhere to hide from Vantage's custom sniper rifle, which reveals enemies with its scope and with its ammunition: a successful hit highlights opposing squads for 10 seconds accompanied by a diamond marker, and damage scales up with each hit.

Echo, for those wondering, is Vantage's companion, the bat-like creature that's seen resting on her shoulder in artwork shown off prior to Vantage's full reveal. Vantage and Echo join the Apex Games hailing from the planet Págos, according to the character's lore, with Vantage being the youngest member of the Apex Legends roster.