Apex Legends Is Getting More Star Wars Loot

Apex Legends is getting some more Star Wars loot soon with Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment celebrating May the 4th with two new pieces of gear. An announcement from this week said that two different weapon charms would be added to the game on May 4th. The only catch is that just as we saw from past crossover cosmetics, you'll have to be an EA Play member in order to have them added to your accounts.

News of the new Apex Legends cosmetics came from the latest rundown of the benefits EA Play subscribers can expect in May. The subscription already comes with a bunch of games like FIFA 21 which is being added soon, but just as other subscriptions offer, you can get extra incentives that vary from month to month. For May, part of those rewards are the two new weapon charms shown below that'll be added on May 4th.

You can see the two Star Wars cosmetics in the middle of the bottom row of May's EA Play perks. Those familiar with EA's other games will recognize these not only as Rebel and Empire helmets from the Star Wars series but also as the exact helmets which were used on the cover of Star Wars: Squadrons.

EA and Respawn have a history of putting items like this in Apex Legends as EA Play bonuses even if the items aren't from the Titanfall universe. Other examples include the Battlefield weapon charm as well as another charm from the Mass Effect series.

While the crossover items are typically weapon charms, Apex Legends already has a Star Wars cosmetic in the game that's in a different category. To celebrate the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, another Star Wars game not only published by EA but also developed by Respawn, the game got a BP-1 skin for Pathfinder. All players had to do to get that one was log into the game within a certain time window, but for the cosmetics recently added as weapon charms, players will have to be EA Play subscribers.

If you're on Xbox and have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you'll get the cosmetics for free as well since EA Play is included in that service. The same goes for Xbox Game Pass for PC.