New Apex Legends Video May Answer Some Season 5 Questions

Apex Legends players are being treated to a new cinematic on Thursday, and if things play out like people think it will, we may finally get some answers to questions surrounding Season 5. The next episode in the Stories from the Outlands series is called “Legacy of a Thief,” and it’s scheduled to make its debut on Thursday at 10 a.m. PT. These cinematics often dive into the lore of Apex Legends and expand on characters’ stories, but in this case, there’s not really a thief character in Apex already to expand on. To many, that indicates that this might be our first real look at the game’s new Legend who’s set to release in Season 5.

Respawn Entertainment announced the impending release of the Stories from the Outlands video this week through the Apex Twitter account where it set the time for when to expect it. We don’t yet know what the video will be about beyond knowing that it involves a thief and apparently some sort of posh setting, judging from the image used to tease it, but we’ll know more about it soon.

If you’ve been keeping up with teasers and theories around Season 5, you’ll probably already know who many people think this video pertains to. For those who haven’t been keeping up, the popular theory is that this video has something to do with Loba, a character players datamined from the files who’s the most likely candidate for a Season 5 Legend right now. One of the datamined nicknames for Loba is the “Translocating Thief” which would certainly fit the bill for this video. The thumbnail for the video that’s set to premiere later shows a character preparing to steal something, but it’s pretty much impossible to tell who it is at this point.

Respawn has already proven that its able to throw players off in a big way considering what it did with the Season 4 Legend by having Revenant added to the game after killing off Forge, so perhaps it won’t be Loba after all. She’s apparently on a quest for revenge against Revenant which is the perfect set up to off her quickly, so we’ll have to see how these Season 5 teasers play out before we know who the next Legend will be.

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