New Arkham Horror Game Unfathomable Announced

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Unfathomable, a new tabletop board game set in the Arkham Horror universe. The new game is a 3-6 player semi-cooperative board game that centers on players trying to survive a voyage on a passenger ship infiltrated by Deep One hybrids. At the start of the game, one or more players will be secretly given the role of either a human passenger or a hybrid trying to sabotage the ship. While players will publicly work together to manage crises that occur during the village, the hybrid players will secretly try to sabotage the ship and drain the resource pool needed to get it safely to shore. Players will work together to pass skill checks, manage various problems that could potentially eat into the resource pool, and determine who is a traitor during the game.

If the mechanics of the game sound familiar, it's likely because Unfathomable shares at least some similarities with Fantasy Flight's Battlestar Galactica: The Game. Released over a decade ago, Battlestar Galactica: The Game was a critically-acclaimed success that also featured players trying to work together to save their fleet from secret Cylon traitors.

Notably, Unfathomable is set in 1913 before other Arkham Horror games. As such, the game features a full cast of 10 brand-new characters to the Arkham Horror universe. One character - Keilani Tatupu - was revealed as part of the announcement. Tatupu is the captain of the SS Atlantica and rose to fame after she survived a mutiny on her previous ship and kept her and her fellow castaways alive for weeks until they came ashore. Like other playable Arkham Horror characters, Tatupu has a secret of her own - she encountered a strange creature beneath the waves during the mutiny, who kept her alive for unknown purposes.

In other Arkham Horror news, Fantasy Flight also announced that it was changing how it would release future Arkham Horror: The Card Game expansions. Instead of releasing a mix of deluxe expansions and Mythos Packs, Fantasy Flight would instead release two separate boxes - one filled with player cards that can be used in any campaign and one filled with encounter cards that make up the storyline.

Unfathomable will be released in September of this year.