Arkham Horror: The Card Game Announces Major Expansion Changes

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is switching how it releases new products and expansions to players. Fantasy Flight Games has announced that it is shifting its release model for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, its long-running living card game set within the Cthluhu mythos. Starting with the release of the Edge of the Earth expansion later this year, Arkham Horror: The Card Game will no longer release expansion cycles with a "deluxe" expansion and subsequent mythos packs. Instead, Arkham Horror: The Card Game will release two separate expansions - an Investigator Expansion containing only player cards used to build decks, and the Campaign Expansion that only contains cards for use in a campaign.

Fantasy Flight Games noted that Arkham Horror: The Card Game expansions still work similarly to how they did in the past. A single Campaign Expansion contains about the same number of cards as the monthly Mythos packs did, which are combined with the core set of Arkham Horror: The Card Game to create a full-length campaign. Additionally, players now have the options of deciding what cards they want to purchase when a new expansion comes out. If players only want the new player cards to bolster their existing decks, they can just pick up the Investigator Expansion, or they can pick up just the Campaign Expansion if they want to use their old Investigators in a new storyline. Players will not need to purchase both Edge of the Earth expansions to enjoy one or the other.

This is a pretty major shift for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, which has released a total of six full campaigns since the game's launch in 2016. While monthly releases served as a way to build anticipation and excitement for new releases, trying to find individual mythos packs for past campaigns could prove to be difficult, as they often were sold out at a distributor level and needed reprints. While Fantasy Flight Games did periodically release reprints of expansions and mythos packs, the new model is a much easier way for players to jump into a campaign without having to worry about trying to find the next chapter of a storyline.


No firm release date has been announced for the Edge of the Earth expansion, but Fantasy Flight indicated that it will be released later this year.