Assassin’s Creed Origins Has A Hidden Sex Scene


Assassin's Creed Origins is one of those Ubisoft games that definitely earned its "mature" rating. As if hacking and slashing your way through targets in Egypt wasn't enough, there's also a sex scene midway through the story that keeps things interesting.

But did you know there's a second sex scene that lives up to the raunchy Mature rating? Indeed, there is. Reddit stumbled upon the scene a bit earlier today, and while we won't post the picture here, you can head over and see what it's all about. Be warned, though – it's definitely not safe for work, and not of your typical sex variety.

The fans noticed the scene taking place in the Herakleion Village, in which two men are pretty much "getting it on" within the privacy of a brothel. However, since Bayek is an assassin that knows how to get around, he can easily pop a view to see what the two are up to.

Wondering how you can gander upon this scene in the game? Screen Critics has posted some detailed instructions on how to get there. It's basically a matter of getting to the Herakleion Nome area, which is located on the northeast section of the game's map.

Once you're at that point, make your way past the brother on the easternmost island, and you'll hear the couple doing it from the street. From there, you can make your way up to the balcony right above the door of the brothel and peer through the window to see what's happening.

The thread has resulted in other posters noting sexual acts within the game, considering this a small act compared to what they've seen. Some have reported a larger group of men and women essentially taking part in a orgy (though they haven't posted any pics from it), while others have noted similar situations like the one listed above.

There's no word yet if Ubisoft is going to keep these in-game, but it doesn't sound like they get in the way of gameplay – and it's not like you can jump in and take part, anyway. So feel free to look around and, um, enjoy being a peeping tom, we suppose?


Assassin's Creed Origins is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.