Avatar Legends Release Date Revealed

Magpie Games has announced the release date for its Avatar Legends tabletop roleplaying game. Pre-orders for Avatar Legends opened earlier this week, with digital copies of the Core Rulebook officially going on sale on October 26th and physical copies going on sale on January 25, 2023. Two books will initially be made available – the Core Rulebook and the Wan Shi Tong's Adventure Guide book, which provides players with five adventures and several new character options. Pre-orders for digital and physical copies are available now. Additionally, Magpie Games also announced that they would release a special Avatar Legends Starter Set at Target in Q1 2023. 

Avatar Legends was originally announced in 2021, with a Kickstarter for the game raising over $9.5 million. Several expansions for the game are planned, with sourcebooks for Republic City and The Spirit City already announced. The Republic City sourcebook will be released in Summer 2023. 

Avatar Legends uses the Powered by the Apocalypse game system, with players building their character using a playbook. Each character has different abilities, and gameplay and advancement is based around finding a character's inner balance. The various characters from the Avatar franchise appear as Legends, who can impart knowledge to the players or serve as allies or enemies depending on the situation. The game will support stories in five different eras of the Avatar franchise with a ton of new lore for the Roku era provided by Avatar creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

You can pre-order Avatar Legends from Magpie Games' website. More information about future expansions will be released soon.

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