Bayonetta 3 Trailer Reveals First Look at Gameplay

It has been a long time coming, but Nintendo and Platinum Games finally opted to show off gameplay from Bayonetta 3 during today's Nintendo Direct presentation. Following the game's announcement all the way back at The Game Awards in 2017, this marks the first appearance that Bayonetta 3 has made in roughly four years. Luckily, we won't have to be waiting another four years for us to finally get our hands on the title. 

The trailer itself for Bayonetta 3 started off showing the ruins of a vast city, where many soldiers were doing battle with a monster. After a few moments, Bayonetta herself appears, notably boasting a new look compared to her previous outing in Bayonetta 2. From this point onward, the trailer proceeds to give us our first extensive look at gameplay from the title, while also confirming a 2022 release window.

"A new-look Bayonetta returns to battle foes with her signature Witch Time!" said a description for the game courtesy of Nintendo. "This time, she'll wield her new Demon Masquerade ability to channel the power of demons and engage in larger-than-life action."

The 2022 release window for Bayonetta 3 is actually something we had heard about earlier in the thanks to a leak from Nintendo. Hours before today's Direct kicked off, Nintendo updated the Japanese version of its website which included this release window for Bayonetta 3. As such, it seemed all but guaranteed that today would mark the return of the upcoming action title, and in that regard, Nintendo didn't let fans down. 

When it comes to the actual release of Bayonetta 3, much like the previous installment in the series, it will only be coming to Nintendo Switch. While other entries in the franchise have come to PlayStation and Xbox platforms in the past, Bayonetta 3 is being published by Nintendo itself. As such, the game is poised to only appear on Switch hardware as an exclusive. 


So how do you feel about this new Bayonetta 3 footage? And are you planning to pick it up when it releases next year? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.