BioWare Addresses Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC Cancellation Rumors

Late last week, we reported some potentially sad news to Mass Effect: Andromeda fans, as a company [...]


Late last week, we reported some potentially sad news to Mass Effect: Andromeda fans, as a company under the name of Sinclair Networks indicated that the forthcoming story DLC for the game had been cancelled, citing the game's somewhat lackluster sales. But don't believe the hype – BioWare has answered back themselves.

First off, Mass Effect: Andromeda producer Mike Gamble commented on the rumors, indicating that not only were the rumors false, but also unsubstantiated by a company that wasn't even involved. He said he has "never heard of Sinclair Networks. Ever." And left it pretty much at that.

But the game's producer, Fernando Melo, decided to follow up with a tweet of his own, noting, "While we can't talk about future yet, I can def say we build our own dlc/patches for our games and don't hire fake companies to do so."

So it sounds like Sinclair Networks was pretty much full of it, as BioWare seems to be handling everything in house.

But then came from the final statement, this time from Electronic Arts, confirming as such. Speaking with PC Gamer, the company noted, "We've never worked with Sinclair Networks and they had nothing to do with the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Beyond that, we don't have any news to share at this time regarding DLC."

Now, while this does confirm that Sinclair Networks was just trying to rile up attention, it's worth noting that EA didn't confirm any DLC with the statement…so we have yet to see what the publisher's official stance is on that just yet. After all, BioWare is quite busy these days, working on the forthcoming Anthem so that it makes its release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next year.

There were other rumors that circled earlier this year indicating that the Mass Effect series was being put on hold in favor of other high-profile projects from the company, but, again, nothing's been said just yet, so it's being treated as rumor for now. For the time being, though, Mass Effect: Andromeda does have plenty to offer for die-hard fans.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.