Free Vanity Item Chests for Cosmetics Are Coming to BioWare's 'Anthem'

A recent livestream with some of the BioWare dev team has revealed that Vanity chests - housing festive cosmetic items for players and their Javelins - are on the way for Anthem's Stronghold feature. Since the customization for a player's Javelin is already incredibly detailed with some amazing purchasable items as well, the ability to have yet another way to earn more loot is not only awesome - it's in-line with previous promises made.

According to the stream, all party members taking on a Stronghold together will get a key to the chest, meaning there is essentially a chest for each party member. No fighting, no negotiating, just sweet, sweet loot.

The BioWare team also mentioned that this will include Javelin cosmetics (vinyls) and emotes, and they also confirmed that duplicates won't be a thing (looking at you, Overwatch).

Unfortunately we don't know exactly when these Vanity Chests will make their way into the game, though the studio did mention they would be coming into the live title over the next several weeks. Given the roadmap the team revealed just yesterday, a mid-March date seems likely.

For those that haven't taken on a Stronghold yet, it's a huge activity in the game that promises sweet loot and a difficult challenge. They are linear missions that must be done with a team (luckily, there is solid matchmaking) and has players take on waves of enemies before eventually taking on a big boss. Take down the boss, get the loot - and eventually, that loot will include shiny new cosmetic items!

Anthem is now live for all on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can check out our full review right here, with a small snippet below:


"Anthem really seems to honor its promise of feeling entirely new, but with BioWare fans in mind. At first, my impression was that it didn't particularly feel like a BioWare game, but as time went on, I realized that wasn't quite true. It both feels similar to a BioWare game in terms of interaction, but mechanically, it feels very new. As a hardcore BioWare franchise fan myself, that isn’t a bad thing. It’s new, and a little buggy, but it works."

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