Blizzard Will Reward Overwatch Players With Two “Lost” Emote Animations, And Five Free Loot Boxes

Overwatch Emote Tea

UPDATE: The gifts just keep on coming. Blizzard has just confirmed that it's giving away five free Loot Boxes to all players for a limited time! Check out the tweet below.

ORIGINAL STORY: Earlier this month, Blizzard launched its Winter Wonderland event for Overwatch, giving fans the opportunity to earn plenty of holiday-oriented goodies for their characters, including new outfits and emotes, which could be attained by picking up Loot Boxes after each round.

But here’s the thing – not all the goodies featured in the trailer were actually available in the game. Many players complained that they couldn’t access either Bastion or Sombra’s “tea-drinking celebration,” in which they take a swig as they savor a hard-earned victory against other players.

These animations were used quite heavily in the marketing of the event, but players became upset that they weren’t available within the game. However, Blizzard has decided to make things right, and has actually rewarded all players within the game with both emotes. That’s right, no more digging – you can soon enjoy your tea and drink it, too.

Over on the forums, Overwatch team member Josh Engen explained, “As an extra special treat, we’re going to grant both of these poses to all of our players, regardless of whether or not they logged into Overwatch during the Winter Wonderland event and earned or purchased Winter Loot Boxes. Once they’ve been added to the game, anyone who logs in will receive Sombra and Bastion’s ‘Toast’ victory poses.”

They won’t be available until January (after the Winter Wonderland event comes to an end), but at least they’ll be free. (Those of you with access to the PTR can check them out now.)


So cheer up, Overwatch fans. You’ve got some holiday joy on the way, in case you feel like a drop of tea or two.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.