Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2 Announced

Borderlands 3's second Season Pass has been announced by Gearbox. The developer pointed out in a release that the two new add-ons are bringing never-before-seen content to the game. The Director's Cut and Designer's Cut DLC are both being offered in the new Season Pass. Players will need the base copy of Borderlands 3 to participate in the new season pass. November 10th will be the first day the Designer's Cut will be available for purchase. Then the second half of the Season Pass will follow in the spring of 2021. When that date approaches, Gearbox will have more details. The developer also included a timeline for some big reveals related to the new Arms Race mode and Vault Hunters.

* October 20, 9:00 AM PT - Amara/FL4K new Skill Tree reveals with livestreams and a special episode of Ultimate Vault Hunters
* October 22, 9:00 AM PT - Moze/Zane new Skill Tree reveals with livestreams and a special episode of Ultimate Vault Hunters
* October 29, 9:00 AM PT - The Borderlands Show premieres, featuring the new Arms Race mode and much more
* October 30, 9:00 AM PT - The Bordercast debuts the first live, hands-on Arms Race gameplay's Tanner Dedmon has been covering the upgrades to Borderlands 3 on next gen for a few months. Here's what he had to say recently.

"Borderlands 3 is coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with Gearbox offering a free upgrade to those who purchased the game on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the developer announced this week," Dedmon began. "The new version of Borderlands 3 landing on next-gen consoles will sport some of the upgrades we've seen confirmed for other games and will support progression between the generations so that players don't lose anything when they make the jump. New content including another game mode and additional skill trees for the playable Vault Hunters is also planned for Borderlands 3 and will be released later this year."

"Gearbox made its announcement during the PAX Online event where it showcased Borderlands 3 and some of its other games it has in the works like Godfall. Details about the transition to next-gen platforms for Borderlands 3 were discussed with confirmations that there would be free upgrades if you already have the game," he continued. "PlayStation 4 owners will be able to upgrade their games to the PlayStation 5 versions and Xbox One owners will get a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X version. DLCs, saved files, and everything else you've got will accompany you to the next generation."


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