Borderlands 3 Makes Some Changes to Its Weapons

Borderlands 3 got another new update this week from Gearbox Software to make some balance adjustments for a couple of different weapons. It's not an update that affected a ton of different weapons, but the good news is that it's all buffs and no nerfs which means that your favorite weapon might've just gotten a bit stronger. The changes only apply to some of the weapons found at later parts of the game though, so if you're just now starting out with Borderlands 3, you won't be affected by this update right now.

The weapons affected by the Borderlands 3 update are ones spread out throughout different Mayhem Levels and the game's Takedown events it's released over time. In a post preceding the list of guns that were affected by the patch, the Borderlands 3 team said it hopes to create a "stairstep experience" for players in the late-game stages of Borderlands 3.

"We're taking a pass on some gear obtained in higher Mayhem levels and the two Takedowns," Gearbox said about its plans for Borderlands 3's late-gaem items. "Our goal is to provide a stairstep experience from Mayhem 4, to Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, to Mayhem 6, to Takedown at the Guardian Breach. Players should feel a ramp of power through these changes as they tackle each piece of content."

The weapons affected by the update can be seen below and are categorized by how players obtain them. Note that all of the changes made were buffs, so while the buff numbers themselves weren't outlined, the weapons do more damage now.

Borderlands 3 Weapon Buffs

  • Mayhem 4 Gear
    • Crader's EM-P5
    • Tankman's Shield
  • Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Gear
    • S3RV-80S-EXECUTE
    • Moonfire
    • Kyb's Worth
    • Redistributor
  • Mayhem 6 Gear
    • Reflux
    • DNA
    • Multi-Tap
  • Takedown at the Guardian Breach Gear
    • Web Slinger
    • Globetrottr
    • Smog
    • Lightspeed Grenade Mod

While news on the Borderlands games has been relatively quiet as of late except for the occasional updates like these, we've recently gotten some news on the upcoming Borderlands movie. More characters including Moxxie, Scooter, and other fan-favorites have been cast in the film to join the list of Vault Hunters and other characters we already knew about.