Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Teases Return of Powerful Modern Warfare 2 Shotgun

A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leak has surfaced to suggest one of the most talked about weapons from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is coming to the game and to Call of Duty: Warzone potentially some time in Season 6. That weapon would be the AA-12, a fully automatic shotgun that would blast through enemies the second they walked anywhere near someone in Modern Warfare 2. The leak features gameplay where someone’s using a very unfinished version of the AA-12 and doesn’t use the gun’s full name, but its shape and pattern of fire is unmistakable.

Call of Duty leaker BKTOOR shared the clip below that showed the Modern Warfare and Warzone version of the AA-12 in action. It’s nowhere near being finished based on the gameplay shown in the clip, but we can at least now say we’ve seen the gun in action in the newest Call of Duty games.

For those who weren’t active in Call of Duty games during the Modern Warfare 2 days, the game had no shortage of shotguns for players to use and complain about. The SPAS-12 could blast people at long ranges and the Model 1887s were nightmares when wielded akimbo before they got nerfed, but if you were looking for high rates of fire, the AA-12 was unmatched. It didn’t boast the most damage of the available shotguns, but you barely had to aim with it so long as your concern was more about eliminating someone and you weren’t worried as much about ammo. This of course led to recurring complaints about people just spaying with it and hoping for the best, but it certainly had its place in Modern Warfare 2.

It’ll apparently find its place in Modern Warfare and Warzone eventually, but when it’ll be added remains to be seen. Season 6 is a likely timeframe for when we’ll see the gun added, but since this is a leak and the weapon is unfinished, we don’t have any official indication yet of when the gun will be added.

Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone still has several weeks to go before it’s wrapped up, so perhaps we’ll see more leaks for this weapon and others between now and the start of Season 6.