Call of Duty: Warzone's Zombies Event Takes Unexpected Turn

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Zombies event may have started out at a sluggish pace, but it’s picking up steam now with the latest zombie movement on Verdansk. On Thursday, Activision announced through one of its in-universe blog updates that the zombies have now spread to the Superstore location which is frequently a hot spot for firefights and the occasional camper. More surprising than that, however, is the rate at which the game’s “Contamination Level” has jumped dramatically from the time the zombies last moved across the map, a change that’s resulted in some unprecedented event progress.

The image below and a post on the Call of Duty blog confirmed the move on Thursday, but players already had an idea of this exact development happening because of some teasers sent out to content creators recently. Those suggested that the Superstore location would be the next home for the zombies, but what wasn’t anticipated was the new Contamination Level Verdansk is now at. The Contamination Levels were previously at 33% when the zombies moved to the TV Station, and now, the Containment Levels are at 66%.

Math whizzes will recognize that as double the previous Containment Levels which is a dramatic increase from what we’ve seen in the past. The Containment Levels started out at 5% and stayed there for the second update as well before jumping to 33% and finally to the 66% we’re at now.

In regards to the Containment Levels, Activision also cleared up what it uses to determine that variable. Those levels refer to the presence of “toxic matter” and also the zombies players have been seeing, but they don’t mean complete contamination. Some players wondered whether zombies would have to completely cover the entire map before the event reaches its climax, but it looks like that’s not the case.


“We have updated the Contamination Levels to 66%,” Activision’s briefing said. “Although this seems more than a little concerning, we can assure you that this refers to the presence of toxic matter and not complete contamination. While active contamination zones – such as the BCH4 TV Station this previous week – had unusually high levels of this material, prior areas – such as the Financial District two weeks earlier – are completely cleared of all contaminants and are safe to conduct mission within.”

We don’t yet know when the event will conclude, but we’ve already seen some of the missiles falling back down to Verdansk with some unimpressive results. Perhaps they’ll be more dramatic once the event concludes and we’re able to see them function properly.