Call of Duty: Warzone's Zombies Move to a New Location

Slowly but surely, Call of Duty: Warzone’s zombies are shambling about Verdansk to infest more and more points of interest. This week, they inhabited another location as they took over the BCH4 TV Station, a site that’s played host to many of our updates we’ve gotten from the “news” reports in Warzone’s universe that detailed the spread of the zombie menace. The contamination level is now at 33% which means we still have a ways to go before Verdansk is fully contaminated, but progress is progress.

The spread of the zombies that’s part of the ongoing Season Two event in Warzone was met with its latest development on Thursday when Activision shared yet another briefing on the situation. After moving into the hospital not long ago, the zombies have breached the perimeter of the BCH4 TV Station. Players who visit that point of interest in Verdansk will want to heed that warning that they’ll encounter the undead there just as they would in past areas where the zombies have already settled.

“This presence of contamination is in addition to an overall breach of the station by currently affected hostile forces, who overran the area following an advancement from the Acropolis National Bank,” the briefing from Activision read to catalog the events so far. “Threats within the TV Station range from those exhibiting “normal” symptoms to variants that were first spotted within the Vodianoy Shipwreck (noxious fumes) and Verdansk Hospital (electromagnetic pulse-like discharges).”

Just as we’ve seen from the previous movements of the zombies, this latest one has brought about another new zombie variant. This one’s more resistant to traditional weapons, so maybe it’s best to just conserve your ammo if you come across one.

The infestation is indeed happening, but if you’ve been tracking the pulse of the Warzone community throughout the event, you’ll know that many feel it’s not moving along quite as quickly as they would hope. The Season Two Reloaded update recently dropped which means that we’re well into Season Two by now and the contamination levels are still at 33%, though the level rises with each major zombie movement. We likely won’t have to get to 100% since that would mean the entire Verdansk map would be overrun which wouldn’t be much fun for players, but the progress so far indicates that we won’t see the end of this event anytime soon. It’ll probably wrap up whenever Season Two does with Season Three ushering in whatever changes are to come, but that remains to be seen.