Critical Role Teases Two Brand New Games

Critical Role's tabletop game imprint has provided fans with a first look at two of its upcoming games. Darrington Press was founded last year as a tabletop games arm for Critical Role, the franchise anchored by a popular web series featuring a group of voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. To celebrate the 7-year anniversary of the Critical Role show, Darrington Press provided fans with a sneak peak behind two of its upcoming games – Guardians of Matrimonia and Syndicult.

Guardians of Matrimonia is a new board game where players take on the role of an "elite fantasy wedding team" that tries to prevent anything from ruining a couple's special day, whether that's dragons, liches, or magical mishaps. The game has both a co-op and PVP mode, in which players still have to work together to pull off the wedding, but also compete for tips. Darrington Press showed off character art of the Ale-Chemist, one of the four Guardian types in the game who is a pro at mixing beverages. The art (by Monica M. Magaña) can be seen below: 

(Photo: Darrington Press/Monica M. Magaña)

Darrington Press also showed off an early look at Syndicult, a new roleplaying game created by Matthew Mercer. The game is set in a world "where underground syndicates vie for magical powers in a world of artifacts, mysteries, and crime." No further details were provided about the gameplay of Syndicult, but Darrington Press did show off a comics panel attached to the upcoming game. 

(Photo: Darrington Press)

Darrington Press has released two products so far. The first is the Uka'toa board game themed after the legendary sea demi-god seen in Critical Role. The game is worker placement game in which players try to keep their sailors alive as Uka'toa slowly consumes the board. More recently, Darrington Press published Tal'Dorei Reborn Campaign Setting Guide, an updated version of the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Guide released several years ago by Green Ronin Press. Tal'Dorei Reborn not only provides players with details on how to play a D&D game within the Critical Role continent of Tal'Dorei, it also gives some surprising updates about the heroes of Vox Machina who appeared in Critical Role's first campaign.