Cuphead Gets A Fan-Made Cartoon, Because Why Not?

'This is fine, we're just a couple of cups, hanging out, holding liquids ...' With the [...]

"This is fine, we're just a couple of cups, hanging out, holding liquids ..." With the overwhelmingly positive reception to the classic cartoon style game Cuphead, there have been a lot of interesting fan reactions to the latest (and surprisingly difficult) title. From figures, to collector's editions - there are a few different ways fans can show their appreciation. The latest? A full on cartoon. So basically, a cartoon based off of a game based off of cartoons. We can dig it.

The cartoon-ception comes from popular YouTuber 'hotdiggedydemon' where Cuphead "learns the hard way that sometimes ya gamble and lose." Around the quarter mark of the video below, the animation takes a decidedly Ren & Stimpy approach and we are more than OK with it. Check out the fan-made cartoon in the video below, enjoy!

For those that haven't had the pleasure yet of getting your bum handed to you in a game about dealing with the devil:

"Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles. Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, i.e. traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

Play as Cuphead or Mugman (in single player or local co-op) as you traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to the devil!"

Cuphead is now available for Xbox One and PC, alongside the snazzy cartoon you've just seen here. Did you know that game almost went in an entirely different direction? Check out what Cuphead ALMOST was right here.