Dauntless Receives A New Preview Trailer Highlighting Player Skills, And More

cinematic-lineup screenshot-dauntless

Dauntless is a co-op action RPG that features a wide variety of Behemoths, powerful weapons, and adventure in the Shattered Isles. The game allows players to craft to their heart's content while battling it out with some ferocious beasts. A new developer update video gives fans a closer look at the Early Access title.

In addition to the developer commentary, the video also clues those enjoying the beta period into what's to come for the title, including a new weapon, new Behemoths, and new decisions:

  • The War Pike: An entirely new weapon
  • Two New Behemoths: Skarn and Kharabak
  • New Damage Types: New strategic decisions
  • Cell System: Customize the way that you play
  • Progression Update: A major overhaul to get you playing more and waiting less
  • Frostfall Preview: Upcoming holiday event

The team over at Pheonix Labs have a lot to be proud of, and it shows in the latest video above. Seeing the new Cell system in action, as well as the new weaponry, it is interesting to see how this closed beta title is progression through its journey out of early access. Right now, players can pay for a Founder's Pack to get into the early access - or they can just wait until the full game releases, since it will be free-to-play then.


To learn more about the game:

"Some arrived armed to the teeth, others carried what might pass for swords in poor light. They came in groups, or one by one; banded together in guilds ready to make a name for themselves. Scarred visages belied hard-learned lessons as they mingled with fresh, pensive faces. Loud hollers, careful scheming, gallows humor, rallying cries. The dull roar of a new wave of slayers filled the Ramsgate docks and almost drowned out the ringing of ship’s bells and the calls of eager merchants hawking their wares.

They had come from every corner of the Shattered Isles. They had come to fight for honor. They had come to save their homes. They had come to sink their blades into the steely hides of encroaching behemoths that threatened everything good in the world. They were slayers, and there was nothing that could stop them."