Dead by Daylight Comic Book Announced

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has teamed up with Titan Comics to adapt the multiplayer horror game's stories into comic books, the pair announced this week. The first of these stories will feature The Legion, a Killer who's one of the many original characters created for Dead by Daylight to fill out the growing roster of Killers and Survivors. Dead by Daylight's first issue of its debut comic will be out in March 2023, Behaviour and Titan said.

This comic will be a prequel story based on The Legion, the comic's creators said in the announcement, with Nadia Shammas writing the story and Dillon Snook behind the art. Once the comic is released next year, it'll be available in both physical and digital versions.

The Legion is an interesting Killer for a story like this given that the character is actually multiple people, not one. "The Legion" is the name for a group of four violent teenage Killers – Frank, Julie, Susie, and Joey – who don masks, hooded garb, and wield a knife against Survivors (though players only control one character, not four, in-game). Mathieu Côté, the head of partnerships for Behaviour, suggested in a press release statement that the group nature of The Legion and their lore make them a prime candidate for a prequel story like the one that's in the works.

"Comic books hold a special place in my heart as with many people on the team. What an awesome time for Dead by Daylight, appearing in this format for the first time. The Legion is quite an interesting set of characters. They are great to dig into since they embody the very universal themes of teen angst, rage and revenge," said Côté. "Seeing our stories and characters coming to life on the page is a wonderful feeling and we hope our fans will appreciate it as much as we do. Stay tuned!"

An exact release date for the first issue of this comic has not yet been announced, but as Behaviour and Titan said, more info on the plans for The Legion's prequel story will be shared soon.