Dead by Daylight Leak Reveals Jigsaw Killer's Fittingly Sadistic Power

A leaked screenshot appears to have revealed the gruesome power that Dead by Daylight’s new Saw [...]

A leaked screenshot appears to have revealed the gruesome power that Dead by Daylight's new Saw Killer will use to terrorize Survivors.

Following a teaser video that previewed what's unmistakably a Saw reference hinting at the game's next Killer, players' speculation has run wild with suggestions about who the Killer will be and what signature power they'll use. John Kramer, the original Jigsaw killer, was an obvious candidate for being the game's new addition, but this if this power leak is the actual one players will see, the leak may have cleared up that question as well.

Below is the text from a very condensed image of the leaked power that was shared on Reddit:

Jigsaw's Baptism


"Forever devoted to her master's cause, she punished the ungrateful and the guilty with slyness and murderous puzzles. The Pig can move stealthily, dash in ambush attacks and put deadly Reverse Bear Traps on Survivors' heads."

  • Use the Secondary Power interaction to assume a crouching position. While crouching:
    • The Pig has no Terror Radius.
    • Activate the attack interaction to dash and perform an ambush attack.
  • Start the trial with 4 Reverse Bear Traps:
    • Reverse Bear Traps are put on Dying Survivors.
    • Reverse Bear Traps automatically sacrifice the survivor when they trigger.
    • Reverse Bear Traps trigger automatically beyond the Exit Gates.
    • Reverse Bear Traps trigger once their timers expire.
    • Reverse Bear Traps timer start when a generator is completed.
    • Survivors can free themselves from Reverse Bear Traps by searching Jigsaw Boxes found around the map to find the correct key.

"You will give everything to me, every cell in your body. The marks on your arms, they're from another life. We'll leave that life behind. When you walk down that corridor there is no turning back. Do you understand that?" - Jigsaw's Baptism

If the leaked information is accurate, this could be one of the most vicious powers yet. Instead of simply hooking a Survivor and sacrificing them, players controlling "The Pig" can simply trap their victims and put them in a race against time to save themselves. The misplaced key element ties in perfectly with the way Jigsaw killers play their games and the fact that the timer starts when you fix a generator adds a deeper team element to the game like some Saw movies have: Do you save yourself, or help your teammate get their reverse bear trap off first?

Going back to the identity of the Killer, the leaked power also refers to The Pig as "she" and "her" meaning that the Killer is likely Amanda Young, a disciple of Saw's John Kramer. This was one of the better guesses from players and fits in the story of the Saw movies. Killing mindlessly was against Kramer's methods, but his apprentice had no qualms with breaking the rules of the game occasionally.

The identity of Dead by Daylight's new Killer and their power have not yet been officially announced.