Dead by Daylight's Stranger Things Collaboration Is Now Live

Dead by Daylight players who’ve been waiting to play as some of their favorite characters from [...]

Dead by Daylight players who've been waiting to play as some of their favorite characters from Stranger Things can finally do so now that the collaboration is live. Stranger Things content has come to Behaviour Interactive's asymmetrical game in the form of two new survivors, a killer, and a map that serves as the latest playground for the Entity. Like other chapters released in the growing collection of Dead by Daylight collabs, the Stranger Things content can be purchased as an add-on.

Behaviour Interactive announced the release of the Stranger Things chapter not long ago by confirming the release date and saying it'd be out on all platforms on September 17th. Included in this chapter is the Demogorgon killer, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler as survivors, and the Underground Complex map. The map itself is open to any survivors and killers for those who own the chapter, and the killer and survivors from Stranger Things each come with their own unique perks.

In the Demogorgon's case, it has a unique power as well. The power is called "Of the Abyss," and it lets the killer travel around the map quickly. A preview of this power and what the characters' perks will allow them (and later others) to do was shared on the game's site.

"The Demogorgon impacts the environment close to generators, affects nearby Survivors, and uses Portals to travel quickly," the chapter's description from the Dead by Daylight site said. "The Demogorgon starts with a limited number of Portals that can spawn on any flat floor or ground."

Even if you don't choose to opt into the Stranger Things chapter which costs $11.99 regardless of the platform you're purchasing it for, there's also a new patch out for the game with changes to look through. Much of the highlights deal with the new Stranger Things chapter, but one notable change is a new status effect that'll be relevant to the Demogorgon and Freddy Kreuger who's known in the game as "The Nightmare." Those new status effects are detailed below.

Features & Content

  • Feature - Added 2 new Status Effects; Oblivious (Survivor) and Undetectable (Killer). Currently, these status effects are applied to the new Killer, The Demogorgon, and The Nightmare.
    • Oblivious: The Survivor is oblivious to the imminent danger of a nearby Killer. They do not hear The Killer's terror radius and they are not considered as being within the terror radius for power or perk effects.
    • Undetectable: The Killer enters a stealth-like mode which suppresses their red stain and terror radius, and blocks all Survivor aura-reading abilities.

Dead by Daylight's Stranger Things chapter and its latest patch are now available.