New Dead Cells DLC Gets a Release Date

Dead Cells is getting its first paid DLC in February when the expansion called The Bad Seed releases. It's releasing on February 11th, developer Motion Twin announced this week, which means that Dead Cells players have just a few more weeks to sharpen their skills before returning to the game. Dead Cells players will find several new areas that need exploring in this DLC along with a host of enemies and other content packed into a fairly low price considering what's included.

Motion Twin announced the release date of the new Dead Cells DLC on Thursday with the latest trailer found below showing off the first full look at The Bad Seed. You'll see some more of the unique enemies Dead Cells players will encounter like aggressive plants and swampy creatures. An upgraded arsenal of abilities and weapons can also be seen throughout the trailer.

The developer first announced the DLC back in December when it detailed the two levels and multiple enemies players would find. It also confirmed that this DLC would be a paid release unlike other content updates with the content priced at $4.99. Motion Twin laid out its reasoning for paid DLC at the time and said it was necessary to charge for this one so that the developers can keep working on Dead Cells while also paving the way for the studio's next game.

"We've been releasing free updates for Dead Cells for over a year now, this paid DLC is designed to support that effort, allow us to expand the game even more and ensure that Motion Twin have the time they need to make their next game one they'll be proud of and you'll be stoked to play," Motion Twin said.

The developer continued to say that they're "going to do this right" and that if players don't like the cost or quality of the DLC, they're open to feedback.


Dead Cells: The Bad Seed is scheduled to release as paid DLC for those who own Dead Cells on February 11th.