Has Death Stranding's Setting Been Revealed?

Death Stranding’s setting may have been revealed after a connection was made between a [...]


Death Stranding's setting may have been revealed after a connection was made between a real-world location and one of Hideo Kojima's frequent teasers.

Just a few days ago, Kojima shared an image from his upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive that showed moss covering some rocks on the ground. He mentioned the Decima engine that the game will be running on, so many took it as a preview of the game's graphics ahead of the E3 content that's also being teased. While it's entirely possible that that was one of the purposes of the tweet, it also seems that Kojima might've been hinting that the game would take place in Iceland.

Not long after Kojima shared the tweet, another Twitter user responded with a side-by-side comparison of two images that looked quite similar. Comparing Kojima's image on the bottom to the one at the top, Rafael Andrade pointed out that the moss-covered field resembles lava fields in Iceland.

The two images together definitely encouraged speculation, but the Iceland theory was fueled even further the same day by Kojima himself. The game creator retweeted Andrade's comparison without a comment attached, and many have taken this as a silent confirmation that the user may be onto something.

Once the Iceland comparison had been made, another user chimed in with an additional comparison that looked at the in-game and real-world locations. Sure, a crater can just be a crater anywhere, but the second Iceland comparison does lend more credibility to the possible reveal of the game's setting.

This doesn't mean that Kojima's confirmed the setting yet, thought it's an interesting juxtaposition made even more intriguing by the fact that he noticed it. With how mysterious and confusing the game has looked so far, it's not hard to believe that those waiting on Death Stranding will take their news anywhere they can get it.

It won't be long before that desire for more info is satisfied though with more content coming at E3. Kojima has teased more than once that the game will be shown off during this year's E3 and confirmed that a new trailer will be unveiled.