Diablo 4 Beta Files Spotted Online

Those looking forward to trying out Diablo IV may be getting a chance to do so sooner than expected now that evidence of a beta for the game has been spotted online. Files for the beta version of Diablo IV are apparently present right now in Blizzard's Battle.net Launcher. Blizzard has not yet confirmed immediate plans for a Diablo IV beta, however – and the game itself doesn't even have a release date – so there's no telling when we'll hear something official about this.

The Blizzard-focused site Wowhead first reported on the appearance of the Diablo IV beta within the Battle.net Launcher's files. The outlet shared an image that showed the installation window for the Diablo IV beta which was referred to in the files as "Fenris," a name which Blizzard was said to have used as a codename for the game during its development. A lengthy file dump showed other references to the word "beta" and more, but the big takeaway here is that there is certainly work being done to get a beta in order for people to try.

When that'll be, however, remains to be seen. As mentioned previously, Diablo IV does not currently have a release date after it was pushed out of 2021 with a release expected for some time in 2023. A beta announcement happening soon could give players hope for a sooner-than-expected release date, but considering how Blizzard's Overwatch 2 is due out in October and just recently wrapped up a beta, it seems unlikely that we'll see Diablo IV releasing anytime around that.

Regardless, the beta info is on the launcher, and that's the first step towards actually playing the thing, so it's good news for those looking forward to that. Perhaps we will actually get a beta announcement in the next few weeks or month anyway seeing how Blizzard is coaxing people into getting Diablo tattoos with promises of beta access and a free copy of the game for their permanent tribute.

Diablo IV does not have a release date at this time.