Diablo 4 Fans Receive Free Copy of Game and Beta Access for Getting Diablo Tattoos

If you're a die-hard Diablo fan or someone who just likes tattoos and wouldn't mind having some Diablo art on your person, you've got a shot at scoring early access to the Diablo IV beta. All it'll cost is a permanent sign of loyalty to the Diablo brand via a tattoo of something from the games as part of an ongoing "Hell's Ink" tattoo event. This event is ongoing with a few more stops to make in different areas before it concludes, though its availability is limited, so there's a chance some Diablo fans may not ever have a chance to participate.

The Hell's Ink tattoo campaign was announced back in June with Blizzard laying out the stops planned for July and August where Diablo fans could visit to get unique Diablo-themed tattoos. Planned stops at different studios include visits to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, London, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney with different artists creating these tattoos at each location. People could enter a sweepstakes to win a custom Diablo tattoo from the headlining artists, but anyone who just wanted some quick art could visit the locations at the designated dates to get Diablo tattoos from a flash sheet.

That's all well and good for those who were already interested from that tease alone, but what about the beta access? Despite it being mentioned nowhere in the announcement post about the tattoo event, Blizzard's apparently handing out cards that guarantee access to an upcoming Diablo IV beta if you get one of the flash tattoos. A post from the game's Twitter account confirmed as much by showing someone holding a card that thanked them for offering their "flesh as tribute" and said the recipient had gained not only early access to an upcoming Diablo IV beta but also a free digital copy of the game, too.

Blizzard has not officially announced dates for an open beta at this time, so those who receive these cards may be holding onto them for a while to ensure they can access the preview whenever it actually does go live. No stipulations were noted on the card from what was seen here in the image, but one would imagine these supplies aren't infinite, so it's unclear just how many of these beta codes and digital copies will be given out.