Disney Characters Go 8-Bit in Disney Kingdomania Game

Funko Games has announced Disney Kingdomania, a new game that features Disney characters turned into 8-bit style figurines. Players of the new expandable tabletop game will take control of the assorted Disney heroes and villains as they try to save their video game home from being destroyed by corrupting glitches that slowly move closer towards the heart of the game with every turn. Each round features a player trying to stop glitches and unlock a second hero who can help to clean up the game board. The game can be played either in solo mode or with two players each trying to clean up their own board, while teleporting back and forth between boards to help each other out. 

One key to Disney Kingdomania is its collectibility. The initial wave of Disney Kingdomania will include 40 different figures from franchises that include Mickey and Friends, Toy Story, The Princess and the Frog, and 101 Dalmatians. Players can purchase figures either through Game Balls or through boxed "Super Game Packs." Each Disney Kingdomania product comes with everything you need to play the game, but offers separate perks. While the blinded Game Balls offer players a chance to find rare Glitched variant figures that include translucent orange parts, the Super Game Packs will include special items (such as Aladdin's Flying Carpet) that grant additional benefits. There are over 70 different tiles that come with the Game Balls and Super Game Packs, which will allow for additional customization options when setting up the game board. Players will only need to purchase a single Game Ball in order to jump right into the game, but they'll have more gameplay options with more tiles and characters with more product. 

Disney Kingdomania is set to be released in October of this year. Disney Kingdomania Game Balls will cost $9.99, while the Super Game Packs will have a retail price of $22.99.