Take Very Good Dogs on Walk in Dog Park Board Game

A new board game should appeal to dog lovers who enjoy taking their canines to dog parks. Earlier this month, Birdwood Games launched the Kickstarter for Dog Park, a game focused on taking dogs on walks and tending to their needs. Dog Walk players will need to pick their pups and choose their routes through the dog park wisely as they strive to collect victory points by tending to each doggie's needs. 

Dog Park is described as a mid-weight, competitive set-collection and point-to-point movement game, where players attempt to recruit, walk, and care for dogs over the course of four rounds. Each round is split into four phases. The first is a recruitment phase in which players compete to add dogs to their kennels, at the cost of their current victory points. The second phase consists of choosing which dogs to take on a walk. The third phase sees players enter the park to collect resources, earn reputation, and interact with other walkers. Finally, the players return home and collect (or lose) points based on which dogs they chose to walk. The player with the most reputation points at the end of the four rounds wins the game. Dog Park will also contain a solo mode.

You can check out a full breakdown of how the game runs in the video below:

Dog Park was co-created by Lottie and Jack Hazell, the owners of Birdwood Games. This is the first game published by Birdwood Games. Dann May of Quillsilver Studio also contributed product design, graphic design, and a share of the illustration and game development.

Backers for the Kickstarter will receive a standard copy of Dog Park if they pledge $54 or more to the campaign. A Collector's Edition that includes two expansions is also available to backers who pledge $65 or more. 


The Kickstarter for Dog Park will remain open through September 30th. To date, the Kickstarter has raised over $200,000 and has met its initial goal. You can check out the Kickstarter here.