Trump’s “Fire And Fury” North Korea Threat May Have A Weird World Of Warcraft Connection

Unless you’ve completely given up on following current events (which would be understandable), [...]

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Unless you've completely given up on following current events (which would be understandable), you're no-doubt aware US-North Korean relations have hit a rough patch. A possibly nuclear rough patch. North Korea has threatened to fire ballistic missiles in the direction of Guam, and the President Trump has responded by saying the country will be met with "fire and fury like the world has never seen" if they do.

There's been plenty of debate about whether Trump's comments were too incendiary, but we're just a simple gaming blog, so we won't try to answer that question. We're just here to point out that Trump's already-infamous statement may have had a video game connection. No, really.

As we reported previously, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon used to run a sketchy Chinese-based World of Warcraft gold farming company before getting fully into right-wing politics. The company, Internet Gaming Entertainment, sold in-game WoW gold for real cash, and unbelievably, Bannon was their CEO as recently as 2012.

Why's this notable? Because Fire and Fury is, in fact, the name of a mission in World of Warcraft. This connection was first pointed out by the Politico Playbook podcasted, and retweeted by Keith Olbermann.

So, did Bannon knowingly slip a World of Warcraft reference into speech with global nuclear ramifications? Probably not intentionally. Even this administration probably wouldn't be that flippant. That said, could the phrase "fire and fury" have sunk into Bannon's subconscious from his long experience with World of Warcraft? That's certainly possible!

Y'know, starting up a new WoW game and shutting out the world sounds kinda good right about now – you can check out our coverage of all things Warcraft here.

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