Dota 2 Makes Changes To Welcome New Players

Some changes are being made to the popular MOBA Dota 2 that should make the game a bit more [...]


Some changes are being made to the popular MOBA Dota 2 that should make the game a bit more approachable for players looking to start out in the PvP action and in MOBAs in general.

The update for Valve's hit game launched on Thursday that made changes to both the entry-level elements of the game how new players interact with others during these introductory phases. With the update, a special group of 20 heroes will be available for new players to use for the first 25 games as opposed to having every hero unlocked from the beginning. In addition to this change, new players will also be paired up with others who have a strong reputation for sportsmanlike behavior to ensure that the players' early games are shared with those who will give off some positive vibes and even lend assistance as players begin their journey up the daunting MOBA learning curve.

Within the Dota 2 blogs where the changes were announced, the game's team acknowledged that some of the most impactful moments that players will experience in the game come from the very first couple of matches that players go through. The announcement states that the goal behind these changes is to get rid of as many barriers as possible to allow newcomers to enjoy and stick with the game.

While having all of the heroes unlocked in Dota 2 made it much easier to try out multiple characters and find one that works for you, it's quite easy to be overwhelmed by so many choices. Other games, such as League of Legends, use a similar system to the new one that's been put in place by providing a rotating selection of champions to choose from, champs that can be purchased later on once you're comfortable with them. The heroes available in Dota 2 for newcomers now were hand-picked to provide looks at different styles of gameplay before players are turned loose to the full roster.

All of these changes are being made in preparation for Dota 2's big competitive event that's quickly approaching called The International, a championship tournament that's hosted every year and will start its 2017 competition soon.