Dr Disrespect Surprises Fans with Rare Character Break

Dr Disrespect recently surprised fans a rare character break. The Doc is known for being a larger than life persona with an extravagant look that resembles that of an action hero in an 80s b-movie, a loud and bombastic personality, and more. He's managed to cultivate an incredibly powerful online presence that resulted in deals with major brands like Mountain Dew, even after plenty of controversy. Doc was famously banned from Twitch after being the poster child of the platform for quite some time, though the reason for the ban was never revealed. He then moved to YouTube and has found immense success there, seemingly unfazed by the events with Twitch. He even formed a game studio and is working on a new FPS game with industry vets, but that's not his only business venture.

In a new ad for Black Steel Bourbon, Dr Disrespect talks about his success as a winner and champion. The camera quickly transitions to his real life counterpart, the man under the sunglasses and mullet, Guy Beahm. He sips a glass of bourbon and notes that he can't tell anyone how to win, but can tell people what it tastes like. It's a rare appearance for Beahm, who has largely embraced the Dr Disrespect persona in all his on camera appearances. It's also notable because Black Steel Bourbon is a new company founded by Beahm and he will seemingly be marketing the alcoholic drink as himself and not necessarily as just Dr Disrespect. Even the website for the company shows Beahm without the Dr Disrespect costume and refers to him by his real name. 

It's a surprising endeavor, but one that appears to be working out exceptionally well. Black Steel Bourbon quickly sold out online, suggesting there's high demand for this product. It's unclear how quickly it will be restocked and if they'll be able to sustain demand, especially with the holidays coming up, but it certainly appears that Beahm has another win on his hands.

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